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Get Backed up –Before it's too late!

What would you do if you turned on your computer one morning and ALL of your files were gone or completely inaccessible? Items such as all of your pictures, documents, music, business records, contacts and more would be missing!  All of them could be gone, due to either hard drive failure or the new widespread ransomware that’s spreading like wildfire.  You probably haven’t given much thought to this possibility. But you certainly should!

With the increasing unreliability of hard drives that hold all your data, and the likelihood of a ransomware infection on your computer, you need to take steps NOW to protect your valuable data.

The technicians at Award Technologies are backup experts! We know how to protect your important files and data so that, no matter what happens, your stuff is safe. The threats that cause data loss are real: hard drive failure, virus or ransomware infections, fire, theft, or tornado – all of these can cause you to lose your valuable data.

The easiest and best solution is to let Award Technologies set up a secure ONLINE backup system. The cost starts at about $5.00 per month for most people, and all of your data is securely backed up AUTOMATICALLY to the “cloud” (a remote computer complex in another physical location).  Once we set this up for you, it’s on autopilot, carefully backing up all your irreplaceable items every day. If disaster strikes, your files can be easily retrieved from your online backup account.

Here are the huge advantages of a secure online backup account:

  • With online backup you always have a backup, whatever happens. Every day your backup is created automatically and immediately stored safely outside your home and/or business. Even after fire or burglary, you can easily get your data back with the click of a button.
  • Online backup runs quietly in the background so you do not have to worry about it.
  • The backup is always ready for restore. You can restore your data at any time and at any location with a simple press of a button retrieval. Some online backup providers can even deliver your backed up data by carrier so you don’t have to wait for your backed-up data to be downloaded over the internet.
  • Your data is automatically encrypted before it is sent over the secure Internet connection. The data remains stored encrypted. This is your data only for you to read.
  • Making your backups online gives you peace of mind. You will no longer have to worry about backing up your data and the safety of your backup media. Your online backup provider will take care of this.

No matter whether you are a home user with one or two computers, or a small business with several workstations, Award Technologies has you covered. We can choose the best online backup provider for your situation, and then set it up so that you can sleep soundly at night!

Award Technologies has thoroughly tested most of the large backup online providers, and is pleased to recommend Carbonite, Mozy and iDrive as reliable secure backup companies. Call or email us today and we can discuss your unique situation and give you our straight thoughts on the best solution for you!

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